Lesson One: The Mission and Rhythm

Chen and Asante demonstrate how to create a song around the ideas and images expressed in a personal artistic mission statement.

Your Assignment

  1. Watch the video in which Soul Science Lab introduces their song “Victory” and revisits the goal you created for yourself in your mission statement.
  2. Note how Asante and Chen create new chorus lyrics from the ideas expressed in their mission statement.
  3. Revisit your mission statement.
  • Break the statement apart into sections.
  • Brainstorm key words and ideas for each section.
  • Do your best to create something that captures your ideas in simple terms.
  1. Create a four-bar hook based on your mission statement.
  • Create a simple beat in SoundTrap or another DAW.
  • Experiment with saying your mission over the beat. Add rhythm and swag to your mission statement.
  1. Record your performance so you can listen back to it and hear what works.

08 Make a Joyful Noize - Chapter 3a - The Mission _ Rhythm.pdf
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