Take a master course in hip hop songwriting, production and performance with the founders of Soul Science Lab. This course will equip you to turn your creative ideas into full hip hop songs and prepare you to perform them on any stage. Chen Lo and Asante Amin have over 45 years of collective experience as touring musicians and music educators. They performed and taught at some of the world’s leading performing arts institutions.

Overview of P2S Courses

Page to the Stage (P2S) is grounded in the rich history of Black music and Hip Hop. The courses are broken into 3 primary sections: hip hop songwriting, hip hop production, and performance. It includes video tutorials, activities, worksheets, and master classes that will help you turn your creative ideas into complete hip hop songs. We’ll prepare you to perform on any stage.

P2S Courses

Page to the Stage Course Bundle

4-course bundle that includes songwriting, production, performance, worksheets, activities, plus masterclass.

Module 1: Hip Hop Songwriting:

Through a series of lessons and activities learn basic techniques of writing & arranging Hip Hop song lyrics. Gain an understanding of a writer’s responsibility and learn how to write with purpose. This course will help you successfully write a full hip hop song. 

Module 2: 9-Keys to Hip Hop Performance

This course provides processes and techniques for great stage performance. The methods outlined in this course will enhance live performance and public speaking.

Module 3: Hip Hop Production

This course provides processes and techniques for music production. The methods outlined in this course will enhance the engineering and design of sound.

The Black Music Timeline: Hip Hop Chronicles

The Black music Timeline provides a general, historical overview of the origins of hip hop music from West African Oral traditions to its birth in the South Bronx, NYC. The timeline marks important genres in the history of Black music that contributed to development of hip hop and highlights prominent songs and artists from each genre. The timeline is delivered as a Zoom lecture presented by Chen Lo and Asante Amin to a group of music educators from around the world.

How to Use These Materials

This curriculum is designed for educators to gain a solid foundation in the genre and practice of hip hop. Chen Lo and Asante teach the content directly to you, requiring you to do the same activities students will be completing. While Chen Lo and Asante can be examples, you are the best and most accessible example to your students in demonstrating how to be vulnerable in experimenting with an unfamiliar practice.

There are two distinct avenues of learning:

  1. Professional Development Track: The curriculum contains approximately three and a half (3.5) hours of professional development. Each module is self-paced and has content that can quickly be applied to developing your own curriculum for your students.
  2. Co-Teaching Track: Chen Lo and Asante are your co-teachers as you learn alongside your students. Complete the professional development yourself and then use the "Lesson Snapshot" videos to quickly curate content directly for student engagement.

Grade Levels

The grade levels are suggested for the various age groups you may be teaching. However, all content can ultimately be adapted up or down to your students.

National Core Arts Standards

This content when integrated into your curriculum approaches the National Core Arts Standards. The appropriate standards for each section within the modules have been marked. Link:


About Soul Science Lab

Together as Soul Science Lab, Chen Lo and Asante Amin specialize in performance, large-scale music and multimedia productions, and culturally responsive educational experiences. Working at the intersection of (read more)